When you can’t see the wood for the trees

When you can’t see the wood for the trees

When I was young I used to wonder what this expression really meant, “wood for the trees, eh?”

Recently though I have seen a number of examples that illustrate this expression perfectly.

Whilst watching Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA last night I saw an example of a restaurant that was failing, it had many problems, but the main issue was that the food was terrible!

So in effect, their core product was dreadful, sub-standard mush that was driving their customers away.

I just sat there screaming at the television:

“how could they be so blind!”

“they can’t see the wood for the trees!”

“It’s so obvious, why can’t they see it?!”

“Their product stinks, their chef who is overseeing their production is lazy and incompetent, it’s so obvious!”

This blindness though is very common.

When you end up in the mine, digging away each day in the dark, it is easy to miss the bleeding obvious, sometimes all it takes is an objective eye to “point out the trees in the forest”.

So don’t struggle away in the dark, slowly driving yourself insane, ask for help!

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