What will a web designer sell you?

What will a web designer sell you?

Sounds like a crazy question, eh?

Well in many ways it is, because the obvious and right answer is (drum roll please) – a Web Site!

Wow thanks for the amazing insight, Greg.

My point is this:

When most companies want to improve their web presence, their first reaction is to contact a web designer, who will point them in the direction of building a new website.

The client then dutifully stumps up thousands for a new site only to find it doesn’t perform any better than the last one, or sometimes even worse.

The critical thing here, is that building a new website isn’t the only option!

Many companies spend their entire budget on their websites and are left with no money to promote it.

In many instances building a new website is not the best course of action, there are other options:

  • Apply a facelift to the current website
  • Spend your budget on driving traffic to the site
  • Analyze the traffic you already have
  • Spend money on some user testing, then improve your site
  • Find creative ways of improving your overall web presence – a web presence is not just your website ;-)
  • SEO the arse out of your current website
  • It may be that you need to spend more money on (shock horror) off line direct marketing tactics

So next time, when you think about getting a website re-built, think – is there a better way that I can spend this budget?

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