Forum Link Building – Is it Evil?

Forum Link Building – Is it Evil?

Building forum links has been a favourite tactic of link builders for many years, but like most link building tactics, it has been abused.

In my opinion, whether forum linking is evil or not, depends completely on how you do it:

  • Are you respecting the forum owner and the people who frequent the forum?
  • Are your links adding value to the people on the forum?

All too often the answer to this, is no.

Just like comment spam, you get fly by night link builders turning up, creating an account posting a link, then disappearing.

Forums can be used in two ways to build links:

  • The first is to actively participate in forums that are relevant to your subject and post links in your signature back to your website, as long as your links are relevant most forums see no problem with this.  You may be required to make a certain number of posts before you can have links in your signature
  • The second is to have great content on your website, then when a user posts a question about a topic that is relevant to you, provide a body link to the useful content on your website.

Quality link building companies will respect the forums in which they post.

My Conclusion

  • When a link builder adds value to a forum, forum link building is not evil.
  • When a link builder just spams a forum for a quick link, then it is evil.

What do you think?  Leave your comments below.

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