Training Marketing Fundamentals

Marketing Fundamentals


This is where it all starts folks, marketing fundamentals.  This is the essential course for every small and medium sized business, whether you are just starting out or a few years down the line.

Some may call this strategy or planning, but we like to call it Marketing Fundamentals, because these are the fundamental building blocks needed for business success.

If you don’t implement a solid marketing base upon which to build your business, you are far more likely to fail.  It is easy to spot a business without a solid marketing plan they:

  • Won’t have enough customers
  • Will have a dwindling cash flow
  • Will have to resort to desperate un-targeted sales efforts

This marketing fundamentals course is not full of theoretical marketing fluff, it is based on true, honest practical marketing.  It will form the foundation upon which you can successfully grow your business.

We encourage everyone to fully implement all of the action points in this course before moving on to marketing tactics such as advertising, search engine optimization etc.  You will want to revisit this course many times, over the years it will form a great reminder of what your business is all about.

What will I learn?

You will learn what makes some businesses successful and others fail.  You learn about the mistakes most businesses make and how to avoid them.

You will be given the knowledge and the tools to successfully take on and beat your competition.

This course will give you the fundamentals to marketing success, but you have to play your part by implementing this knowledge within your business.  What you learn here may make you completely reassess your whole business model, we want you to be prepared to do what ever it takes to make your business successful.

The Modules

Your Marketing Fundamentals include: