Needs Vs Wants

There is a lot of talk in the marketing world about satisfying customer needs. Customer needs are very important as they help you develop products and services that meet the needs of your customers.  It is therefore often assumed that finding a customers needs is the key to product or service success.

Though a need by itself isn’t always enough, there often needs to be some pain to get the buying process under-way.

But this module isn’t about pain in the buying process, it is about need vs want.

Quite often, especially when you are selling services or technical solutions the customer may ‘Need’ what you have, but not necessarily ‘Want’ it.

For example:  Most small businesses ‘Need’ a solid internet marketing strategy, in many cases it will bring them significant new revenue and ultimately profits, even after the cost of the service has been written down.  However due to its complex nature, many businesses don’t understand the need for an internet marketing strategy and therefore don’t ‘Want’ one. Trying to sell a service like this, to someone who doesn’t ‘Want’ it is an uphill struggle, a very long process of education which ultimately is likely to end in no sale.

Similarly most companies could profit greatly from a web thought out professional website, but if all they ‘Want’ is a cheap site builder website then they are unlikely to buy a professional site from you.

It is therefore important to pre-qualify your prospects and make sure that they are likely to ‘Want’ what you have.

It is the same for consumers, what consumers ‘Want’ and what they ‘Need’ are two very different things.

Let’s look at two made-up book titles as an example:

A customer may ‘Need’ to “Get fit through exercise and a healthy diet – the 6 month plan”

But what they may ‘Want’ and ultimately buy may be “Get fit while you sit – Effortless weight loss”

I see so many people get this wrong by just focusing on what people need.

So don’t get caught in the ‘Need’ trap!

In any market there may be a good number of people who ‘Need’ what you have to offer, the trick is to identify those within this market that not only want what you have but also need it.

Try and look at the types of customers that are buying products and services like yours and target them.

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