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Search Engine Marketing


Search Engine Marketing is an incredibly powerful tool for small and medium sized businesses, whilst the playing field is never flat due to large companies’ massive resources, it is possible to rub shoulders with big brands; using traditional media, this just wouldn’t have been possible.  Using a system like Google AdWords it costs the same to get a user visit to your website as it does for a large multi-national company.

Search Engine Marketing opens up a whole new world of opportunity.  New markets, new customers, new services and even more importantly new business models.

Thousands of businesses have gone from zero to millions in turnover by just leveraging the power of search engine marketing.

Search Engine Marketing is part science, part art.  It requires a good understanding of your market (if you aren’t sure about who your market is, read our marketing fundamentals course first) and what your customers want.  If you get this right, the sky literally is the limit.

We encourage everyone to fully implement all of the action points in this course before moving on to marketing tactics such as search engine optimization, PPC etc.

What will I learn?

This course will cover the basic fundamentals of Search Engine Marketing:

  • What is Search?
  • Why is search important?
  • How is search different?
  • How has search changed the game?
  • How can I use search to grow my business?

The Search Engine Marketing course covers the fundamentals of what search is and why it is important.  You need a good understanding of these principles before attempting the more tactical training courses on SEO and PPC.[hozbreak]

The Modules

Your Search Engine Marketing Course includes: