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How is Search Marketing Different?

Search marketing is fundamentally different to many traditional push marketing techniques.

Most traditional advertising and marketing relies on an interruption.

An advert in a newspaper or on TV is designed to interrupt your attention away from the program or article you are reading:

  • In a local newspaper you may get an advert for replacement windows and doors next to a news item about a local charity family day
  • In a national newspaper you may get an advert for a new car next to an article about the latest world famine
  • On Television you may get an advert for skin cream in the middle of a police drama

The way that traditional media is bought and placed leads to largely untargeted ads trying to steal your attention away from what you are interested in.

As time has gone by, this type of advertising has become less and less effective, partly through the proliferation of ads, but also the ability to tune out and even using technology to skip adverts.

Online platforms have desimated the local and regional newspaper businesses across the World.

Search marketing is different because:

  • Search marketing is contextual – the advertising is closely related to the subject you are researching
  • Search marketing speaks to people who already want what you have to sell

The closest correlation we can make to a similarity with traditional marketing would be advertising your business in the Yellow Pages or in a trade directory.  This places you in the right position when a potential customer looks for a business that sells the product or service that they require.

The difference today is that customers rarely look in the dusty printed books for suppliers, they either go to their computer or search on their smart phone.

So the key to Search Marketing is making sure that when a target customers of yours goes online to find what you sell, that they find YOU!

So where do customers go online to find information?  In the vast majority of cases users go to search engines to find relevant content.  Some people now use social media to ask their freinds for their recommendations – it’s the modern version of word of mouth marketing.

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