TrainingSearch Engine Marketing SEO vs PPC – What’s The Difference?

SEO vs PPC – What’s the Difference?

As outlined in the last module, the importance of keywords, both SEO and PPC start with keywords.  In both cases we are looking to get our content and messages in front of users in our target market.

Google’s original mission was to organise the World’s information.  To do this it spidered the web, indexed the content it found and then brought back snippets of information when a user made a search.

Organic (SEO) vs Paid (PPC) listings on GoogleTraditionally Google brings back 10 organic search results.  These are the 10 most relevant pieces of content that Google can find to match your search query.

Now Google throws in many other results, such as videos, maps, product listings etc, but for now we are solely interested in the organic results and the paid ads.

The organic results that are listed are decided by Google’s algorithm.  The algorithm is a moving target which is always changing to bring back the best, most relevant information for each search.  (Google has human reviewers too, but that is something for another topic)

The art of SEO is to get Google to deliver up your content within the first 10, 5, 3 or even 1st organic results for a specific search phrase.  Content that achieves this can get a serious amount of targeted traffic from Google searches.  To a user, the sites that appear in Google’s top ten have  Google’s stamp of approval and therefore carry a certain amount of authority for their specific subject area.

PPC on the other hand are paid adverts that appear against specific search queries.  You can bid on specific keywords for your ad to appear on the first page of Google.   Your position will depend on your bid and your ads’ quality score.  We will go into far more detail in the PPC training modules.

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