TrainingSearch Engine Marketing PPC or SEO – Which is Best?

PPC or SEO – Which is Best?

Both SEO and PPC have a place in your marketing toolbox.  Featuring in Google’s organic search results is the biggest prize as a listing here carries a lot of authority with a user, plus you will get a greater share of the potential traffic.  A number 1 organic listing can get around a 40% share of searchers for that keyword phrase, a ppc ad will get somewhere between 2 and 10%, sometimes higher, sometimes lower.

Benefits of PPC

  • You can turn on traffic to your website in under an hour
  • You can control where your ads appear
  • You can carefully pick which keywords your ads show up for
  • You can easily measure your return on investment in a short period of time
  • PPC is highly targeted

Disadvantages of PPC

  • You have to pay for every click, whether it is productive or not
  • You will be paying for clicks for ever if you don’t generate other traffic streams

Benefits of SEO

  • You can get masses of traffic without paying for ads
  • Your organic listings hold a lot of authority with searchers
  • Once rankings are achieved they can be kept for years with a bit of maintenance
  • SEO is a great long term investment

Disadvantages of SEO

  • It can take some time to achieve good rankings
  • Traffic can be less targeted than traffic from PPC
  • A major algorithm change by Google can severely dent your rankings and subsequently your traffic

Overall we are big fans of SEO.  There is a place for PPC though it has to be set up right and very closely monitored to make sure you make a positive return on your investment.  It is dangerous to rely completely on SEO traffic as Google can take away traffic as quickly as it gives it.

We will go into a lot detail about how to set up and manage both PPC and SEO in their respective modules.