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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the best marketing investments a business can make.  As the internet continues to grow and more and more people research and buy products and services online, SEO is a great way of finding new customers who are active in the buying process and building a solid online asset for your business.

A well optimised website is a valuable asset, a site that has top rankings in Google has massive value, in real estate terms, it is the equivalent of having a great retail store on the busiest street with the most footfall.

Unfortunately, if your website isn’t well optimised, you have the equivalent of a retail store tucked away down a side alley on the third floor of a building, where no body will find it.  Your only alternative there will be to run loads of ads to get people there (PPC) or to speak to loads of people, offer great service and hope your customers will spread your message (social media).

Good SEO is about working with the search engines to give them what they want.  First and foremost they are looking for great content to which they can direct their customers.  It is our job as search engine optimisers to put plans and strategies in place to build out great content and promote that content.

What Will I Learn?

The SEO training course will cover all the basic fundamentals of search engine optimisation.  There are lots of latest fads that come and go, but the core fundamentals generally stay the same.  We will cover enough detail for you to do the basics yourself well, or to be knowledgeable enough to instruct and monitor an SEO supplier to do the work for you.

The SEO Training Course will cover:

  • The Fundamentals of SEO
  • Planning an SEO campaign
  • SEO Keyword Research
  • On Page SEO
  • Link Building Strategies
  • Measuring SEO

The Modules

Your SEO Training Course includes: