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What is SEO?

SEO is the art of promoting your website within the search engines.

For the purpose of this course we will be focusing on Google as the main search engine, Google controls 70-90% of search in most Western countries.  In the UK Google has a near strangle-hold on search traffic.

Why SEO?

Almost everyone these days turns to the search engines when looking for information, from finding restaurants, to looking up symptoms, to sourcing products, pretty much anything you can think of.

With modern search engines we have the worlds’ information at our fingertips, gone are the days when we had to go down to the local library and search through books and it wasn’t that long ago!

The opportunity for search engine marketing is huge and growing every day.  Each day hundreds of millions of searches are made.

Organic Search Engine Results PageWhen users conduct searches, the organic results on Google still get the vast majority of the traffic generated by the search engines.  The organic results are the results that Google defines are the most relevant to a users search query using their algorithm.  To find out more about how search engines work, read our module on What is a Search Engine?

A listing in the organic results is seen by many users as a sign of quality, a seal of approval from Google that these websites and web pages will offer good value and meet your needs.

In short, good organic placements can drive significant new business to your website.

The search engines have replaced old fashioned indexes such as Yellow Pages as the first place we look for products and services.

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